Dane County Map Photographs

These images are from a small series of photographs that were commissioned by First American Title in Madison, where I work as a title examiner. We hung them today at the office, and it was so rewarding to see them up on the wall for everyone to enjoy! The photographs show imagery relating to the business of title examining, and they were a fun way to combine two parts of my current work life- photography and title. I enjoyed applying the style of my fine art photography with books to a new concept. I looked at mapping tools such as measuring scales, plat books, farm plat books, maps, etc. I hope that this artwork will spark some interest in the clients that visit our office, and I hope that the employees will enjoy seeing a piece of what we do in our business through an artistic lens. Personally, I was excited to create a piece for my father's office showcasing a plat of his family farm. Art really is found in every part of our lives, sometimes you just have to look a little more closely and in unexpected places to find it. -SJR