Sarah Jane Ripp and her Marrk

About Sarah Jane Ripp

Sarah Jane Ripp is a photographer and artist living and working in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in Middleton, Wisconsin where she took her first photography class at Middleton High School and fell in love with film and darkroom developing.

Sarah continued her education at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she studied both darkroom and digital photography. During her time at the UW, she also worked on the Wisconsin Badger Yearbook as the Editor-in-Chief, where she was able to foster her love and knowledge of books, photography, and design. Sarah graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Graphic Design from the UW in Spring of 2011.

Sarah believes in making her clients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the creative process. She loves photographing the little details that make each wedding day, event, or photo session special. She loves getting to know her clients and enjoys learning what they are most excited to see in their photos so she can be sure to focus in and not miss their favorite details.